Best flooring for kitchen with dogs – floors for you – for dog lover family

Best flooring for kitchen with dogs – Note for interiors

Get-it-right flooring For families, especially Best flooring for kitchen with dogs, the designers recommend a limewash finish on the floor. “Our preference is for American oak or European oak floorboards,” they say. “They have the best tone and grain of timber – great for limewashing and staining. In residential spaces the bigger the board width – such as 250mm – the better.”

Best flooring for kitchen with dogs

Best flooring for kitchen with dogs

Foolproof white After trying many alternatives the duo have settled on Dulux Antique White USA half strength as the perfect white for interiors. “It doesn’t have too much cream, grey or blue,” they say. It has been used on the walls of Tamie’s home; the floors are painted in the same colour and have been finished with three coats of sealant.

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Importance of proportion “We are really into balance and symmetry. Items don’t have to match but they have to be in proportion,” they say. For example, in Tamie’s living room the space taken up by the two occasional chairs is the same width as the sofa. “Bigger pieces make a room feel bigger. Too many little things make a room feel cluttered,” they add.

Rugs rule! They advise to place everything on a rug, including sofas, coffee tables and occasional chairs. “Don’t have a little rug in the middle,” Taryn says. “Many people seem frightened by it, and worried to cover the floor, especially if they’ve just had it sanded, but an itsy bitsy rug looks worse.”

Kitchen trick Whatever material is used on a kitchen benchtop, follow that through onto the splashback. For example, with marble, use it on both surfaces otherwise a kitchen can look fussy. And always follow the same flooring from the rest of the house into the kitchen.

A Fully Functional Tiny House Kitchen video:

Sophisticated sofas Slipcovers are a great way to freshen up your sofa, Tamie and Taryn suggest. They can even be used on contemporary sofas – look to Gervasoni for an example of this look. “We love using crushed cotton or linen from the Dominique Kieffer range of fabrics available at Boyac,” they say. “All the colours are very subdued and sludgey and have a relaxed feel.”

Window treatments The designers always use one of three options when it comes to windows. Muslin for a sheer, soft, Mediterranean holiday look; plantation shutters (which add value to a property); or Roman blinds in white linen.

Beautiful bathrooms To prevent a bathroom from being boring they like to use freestanding baths to give the room a sculptural element. The same goes for their choice of sinks. For tapware, a satin chrome finish is the top choice.

Bedroom idea “Always have something behind the bed to frame it,” they say. “We also use matching valances to tie the look together. It’s important to have lighting on either side of the bed, whether it’s a table lamp, floor lamp or pendants hanging from the ceiling.”

4ft Light and dark They like to have balance between light and dark items in a room. In Tamie’s living room a cabinet has been painted dark to counterbalance the sofas, coffee table and occasional chairs, which are all light.


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